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Is Vulture Worshiped In Hinduism?

Vultures are not typically worshiped in Hinduism. Hinduism is a diverse religion with a wide range of deities and beliefs, and while some animals and birds are revered in Hindu culture, vultures are not among the commonly worshiped creatures. In fact, vultures are often associated with death and are seen as scavengers that feed on the remains of deceased animals, so they do not hold a prominent place in Hindu religious rituals.

Talk about Vulture in Hindu religion and the first image that comes to the mind is of Jatayu fighting Ravana who was abducting Sita. Another Vulture that is mentioned in Hinduism is Sampati, brother of Jatayu. But they are not worshipped.

In Hindu astrology, Vulture is the vehicle or Vahana of Ketu Navgraha.

However, animals like cows, elephants, snakes, and monkeys, as well as various deities and natural elements, are more commonly worshiped and revered in Hinduism. The worship of animals and other natural elements is often connected to specific Hindu traditions and beliefs, but vultures are not a significant part of these traditions.