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Dreaming Of Rough Salt – Meaning

Dreaming of rough salt is both good and bad omen as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means you will get opportunity to defeat your enemies. It also means showing patience and preserving energy for future conflicts. Dreams of rough salt also means you will show interest in pickles and will learn about preserving food items. The dream is also associated with making positive changes in diet by including traditional food items.

Dream of rough salt and you wake up terrified or angry or crying means defeat. It also means your enemies will be highly active. The dream is also associated with people rubbing salt in wounds. People will make the unpleasant situation that you are in even worse, often by reminding you of your failures or faults.

Dreams of rough salt and you see fish or vegetables means lot of cooking. It also means making brine solution and taking advice from elders on food related matters.

Dream of sleep or walking on rough salt means frustration. It also means setbacks in life.