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Dreaming About Stingrays – Meaning

Dreaming about stingrays is a good omen as per dream interpretation and meaning. The dream means change of luck and good relationship. Dreams of stingrays in water, ocean or sea means you will get opportunity to take risk in life. It is also a sign of wealth and money. Dreaming of dead stingrays is associated with huge tragedy or hearing some really bad news.

Dreaming about stingrays in market means you will soon face shortage of something in life. It can be money, physical comfort or happiness. It also means witnessing something gruesome.

Dream of plenty of stingrays in its natural habitat means soon you will be spoilt for choices. There will be plenty of opportunities.

Dream of stingrays out of water and facing breathing trouble is a sign of unhappiness. It means cheating, bad relationship and sudden problems in life.

Dream of stingrays peacefully swimming around means you will realize futility of competition and rat race. It also means you will give up something for a peaceful life.

Dreams about stingrays talking to you means you will face emotional problems and would prefer fantasy to reality.

Dream of stingrays attacking you means physical threats. It also means your enemies will be active.