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Do Hindus Live In Pakistan?

Yes, Hindus live in Pakistan, there is a Hindu minority in Pakistan. Hindus make up a small percentage of Pakistan's population, which is predominantly Muslim. According to the 1998 Pakistan Census, Hindus constituted about 1.85% of the country's population. However, it's important to note that these demographic figures may have changed over time, and the exact percentage of Hindus in Pakistan's population might differ in more recent data.

Migration: Many Hindus have migrated out of Pakistan, primarily to India, due to concerns about their safety and security. This migration has been ongoing for decades and is often driven by religious discrimination, social tensions, and fears of persecution.

Religious Discrimination: There have been reports of religious discrimination and violence against Hindus in Pakistan. This discrimination can manifest in various ways, including issues related to property rights, religious freedom, and social discrimination, making some Hindus feel marginalized or unsafe in the country.

Forced Conversions: Reports of forced conversions of Hindu girls and women to Islam have been a source of concern and have contributed to a sense of insecurity among the Hindu community.

Hindus in Pakistan, like other religious minorities, have faced various challenges and issues, including social, economic, and political discrimination. However, there are efforts and initiatives, both by the government and civil society, to address some of these challenges and improve the rights and well-being of religious minorities in the country.