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Daivathar Theyyam – Story – Information – Sri Rama Theyyam

Daivathar Theyyam is the theyyam of Bhagavan Sri Rama and is a popular theyyam during the annual theyyam, kaliyattam and thira festival in Kannur region of Kerala. As per information, the kolam wears hair made from gold. Daivathar Theyyam is that of Sri Rama returning from Lanka after killing Ravana along with Sita, Lakshmana and Hanuman.

The main offering by devotees to Daivathar theyyam is Villattom. Bows are offered to the theyyam. The theyyam plays with the bows and later throws it to the helpers.

Another important offering is bananas. A unique aspect of the theyyam is that Daivathar Theyyam does not speak a single word during the entire appearance.

The most important Daivathar theyyam is performed at the Andaloor Kavu near Thalassery.

As this is a very important theyyam, it is usually performed by Peruvannan – the head of Vannan community.

Other important temples were the Daivathar theyyam are performed include Kannur Mattannur Kolaari Meleveedu temple, Kannur Sreekandapuram Nidiyenga Melaali Kavu temple, Kannur Narath Onaparamba Sree Vishwakarma Oor Pazhassi temple, Kannur Narath Cheruvakkara Kuruvanparambu Sree Vishwakarma temple and Kannur Kappad Daivathar temple.