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Choroonu Dates 2024 Muhurtham as per traditional Malayalam Panchangam and Kerala Calendar

Choroonu is the first rice eating ceremony of a child in Kerala. Here are the dates or Muhurtham for Choroonu in 2024 for the ceremony as per traditional Hindu Malayalam calendar and Panchangam followed in Kerala. The newborn baby eats his/her first solid food on the day.

Choroonu Dates in 2024 Malayalam Panchangam

January 2024 – no dates
February 2024 – no dates
March 2024 – not dates
April 2024 – no dates
May 2024 – no dates
June 2024 – no dates
July 2024 – no dates
August 2024 – no dates
September 2024 – September 8, September 10, September 14, September 15 and September 16
October 2024 – no dates
November 2024 – no dates
December 2024 – no dates 

Please note that these are dates based on Panchangam and they skip lot of dates mainly due to very less time period. A local astrologer where the choroonu function is to be held might be able to get a small period during other dates.