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10 Facts About Hindu God Of Love – Kamadev

Kamadeva, also known as Kama, is a prominent figure in Hindu mythology, often associated with love, desire, and attraction. He is the Hindu god of love, romance and sex. Here are 10 facts about Kamadeva:

God of Love: Kamadeva is the Hindu god of love, desire, and erotic pleasure. He is responsible for stirring feelings of love and attraction in the hearts of individuals. It is his arrows that keeps humans procreating.

Consort of Rati: Kamadeva is often depicted as the husband of Rati, the goddess of love, beauty, and sexual desire. They are considered the divine couple of love and desire.

Appearance: Kamadeva is typically portrayed as a youthful and handsome deity, often holding a bow made of sugarcane with a string of honeybees. His bow is called "Pushpaka" and his arrows are made of flowers.

Vehicle: Kamadeva is said to ride a parrot, which symbolizes amorous communication and sweet words.

Hindu Scriptures: Kamadeva is mentioned in various Hindu scriptures, including the Rigveda, the Mahabharata, and the Puranas. His role varies in different texts, but he is consistently associated with love and desire.

Role in Creation: According to some Hindu beliefs, Kamadeva plays a vital role in the creation of the universe. His arrows of desire are said to influence the gods, humans, and even animals to procreate and continue the cycle of life.

Story of Burning: Kamadeva is well-known for a story in which he tried to awaken Lord Shiva from deep meditation. In this tale, Shiva was so enraged that he opened his third eye and reduced Kamadeva to ashes with a fiery gaze. Later, Kamadeva's wife Rati pleaded with Shiva, and he was resurrected, though in a formless and invisible state.

Festivals: Kamadeva is celebrated during the Hindu festival of Holi, which is often associated with love and the arrival of spring. In some regions, his image or effigy may be burned as a part of the festivities.

Symbol of Romance: Kamadeva is considered the epitome of romantic love in Hindu mythology, and his stories and legends have had a significant influence on art, literature, and poetry in India.

Temples and Worship: While Kamadeva is not as widely worshiped as some other Hindu deities, there are temples and shrines dedicated to him in India. Devotees may seek his blessings for love, relationships, and marital happiness.

Kamadeva is an intriguing figure in Hindu mythology, embodying the essence of love and desire, and his stories continue to be a source of inspiration and cultural significance in India