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Work And Then Meditate - Sri Sarada Devi

Disciple: Some say that one achieves nothing through work. One can succeed in spiritual life only through japa and meditation.

Sri Sarada Devi: Does one achieve everything by practicing japa and meditation for a few days? Nothing whatsoever is achieved unless Mahamaya clears the path.

Didn’t you notice the other day that a person’s brain became deranged because he forced himself to excessive prayer and meditation? If one’s head becomes deranged, one’s life becomes useless. The intelligence of a man is very precious.  One should always recollect God and pray to him for right understanding. How many are there who can meditate and practice japa all the time? At first they earnestly practice these disciplines, but their brains become heated in the long run by constantly sitting on their prayer rugs. They become very vain. They also suffer from mental worries by reflecting on different things. It is much better to work than to allow the mind to roam at large. My Naren [Swami Vivekananda] thought of these things and wisely founded institutions where people would do disinterested work.