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What Does A Stick Mean In Dream?

Dreaming of stick is a warning sign as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means a fall or sudden health issues to legs. It means you might require the help of someone or thing to walk and move about. Dreams of stick also mean physical attack or you will be forced to defend yourself. Dreams of stick simply lying on ground means your prejudice will result in problems. It also means mistaking something for something else and resulting in embarrassment or lost opportunity.

Dream of stick walking behind you or chasing you means you will get into trouble by attacking someone without realizing their real strength.

Dreams of stick burning or in someone else hand means you will be disciplined. It also means facing problems by not doing your duty or by not following laws.

Dream of sticks and you see a crowd means riots or crowd related problems in near future.

Dreaming of stick floating in water means no direction to life. It also means wandering without any aim. It is associated with lack of success and rejection.