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Teachings From Kiratarjuniya Of Bharavi

The principles of beneficial governance of a kingdom as stated by the spy of Yudhishthira (canto I of Kiratarjuniya Of Bharavi), ideals of polity and justice and the necessity of forbearance as enunciated by Yudhishthira while talking to Draupadi and Bhima (canto II of Kiratarjuniya Of Bharavi) are but two examples of wise counsel. A few examples are as follows

  • Do not act rashly; calamity awaits one who prejudges things (II.30)
  • Words of advice, which are at the same time sweet and beneficial, are rare (I.4)
  • The wise pay heed not to the speaker, but to this speech (II.5)
  • Real beauty needs no ornamentation (IV.23)
  • Affection is based on character not familiarity (IV.26)
  • A little fault does not detract from massive good (VII.15)
  • Real wealth is one which is spent on others (VII.28)
  • Affection apprehends danger even where none is present (IX.70)
  • Good looks are easily acquired, but not merit (XI.11)
  • Better to have no ornament than to have a broken one (XV.15)
  • It is easier to vanquish an enemy than to gain the approbation of the good (XI.53).