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Suffering Is The Result Of Ignorance

There is no suffering, only ignorance. What people call suffering is merely their outlook born out of attachment, ignorance or desire. Ignorance makes us focus only on suffering. There are hundreds of good things in our life but we focus only the suffering part and magnify it. Ignorance causes fear and anxiety. Comparison is another reason for our suffering.

Out of ignorance we believe that the body is going to last forever. But it is a universal truth that body disintegrates. Quite often we are suffering not because we are sick and dying but because other people are not sick and dying. If all people are sick and dying then we will not feel sad. But what we are not realizing is that all people around us are on the path to meet death.

The greatest suffering is seeking happiness in external things. This is the result of maximum suffering on earth. The happiness that we receive from an external thing or human being has a shelf life. It will expire very quickly. We will soon be searching for happiness in the outside world again.

The only way to get rid of ignorance is by remaining connected to the universal energy, which we wrongly think as God sitting somewhere with a remote. Realize that all animate and inanimate is nothing but a part of the universal energy. There is no independent individual energy. Everything in this universe is connected. All wisdom that we seek is within us.