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Seeing Dog In Dream Hinduism – Meaning

As per Hinduism seeing dog in dream is a good omen as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream is asking you to overcome your fears and boldly face problems. It means you will achieve success if you can conquer your doubts and fears. Seeing white color dog in dream is a kind of warning. If you are indulging in some illegal or evil activities the dream is asking you to stop them.

Dream of black dog means soon there will be major problems in your life. But these problems will give you opportunity to achieve success and happiness. The dream is asking you to think differently and take some risk.

Dreaming of dog chasing you means you need to come clean in your relationships. You need to be more honest. You should also not bow down to other people for petty gains.

Dream of dog attacking you or someone else means there will be death in the family or of someone close to you.

Seeing dream of a group of dogs means enemies will be joining forces against you.

Dream of you patting dog or dog following you means you will achieve success and desire fulfillment.