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Sadhayam Natchathiram 2024 Palangal Predictions Based on Tamil Astrology

Sadhayam Natchathiram Palangal 2024 for Kumbha Rasi born people. These predictions for Sathayam natchathiram are based on Tamil astrology. Good months are February, April, September and October 2024. January, May, August and November 2024 are bad months. March, June, July and December 2024 will be stagnant period with not much gain. As per Sadhayam natchathiram Palan, Sathayam natchathiram pada 1 born Kumbha Rashi people will have to take up additional responsibility of senior person at workplace. You will be forced to look for an additional income this year. Sathayam natchathiram pada 2 Kumbha Rashi born people will need to stay away from friends who are indulging in illegal activities and nuisance. Those people whom you thought will help you in a crisis will shy away and this will result in heartbreak. Sathayam natchathiram pada 3 Kumbha Rashi born will be able to fulfill the desire of an elderly member in the family. You will implement strict financial control in the family especially on younger members. Sathayam natchathiram pada 4 Kumbha Rashi born people will get help from an unexpected source whom you had helped years ago. You will make investment in a house or property keeping in mind future needs. 

You will be honored for honesty, hard work and truthfulness. You should not fall for empty promises and change job. Take help from experience people and think deeply before making any kind of job or career change. Those looking for new job will join professional courses and will achieve success. Good year for freelancers, doctors, self employed and those working in the field of biotechnology. You will make investments in a new age business. You will land on a good job with the help of an old friend abroad. You will decide to stop idea of migration after realizing change in political situation. Those looking to join government job will face delays due to legal complications. Colleagues might turn enemies especially after you surpassing them in promotion. Some of you will end job abroad and return home to stay with family.

In 2024, for people born in Sathayam Natchathiram there will be less income this year mainly due to high expenditure and unexpected expenses. You will fulfill the desires of younger members in the family. An old unpaid load will give you headache. Not a good year to lent money as it will be lost. A friend might give you financial problem by misappropriating workplace money. You will fall for chit funds or other similar scams. Failure of a financial institution will result in some financial damage. You will decide to renovate an old house and move in. Temptation to buy a new vehicle should be avoided this year.

Those involved in a romantic relationship will decide to end it as you will realize you both have different goals. Death of a person whom you depended a lot will be a huge setback. You will decide to pursue a talent of yours. You will give refuge to people who are in distress. You will meet old friends and this will revive old memories. You will hear bad news about someone whom you loved once.

Marriage will be held as per desire but you will soon realize that there is a big difference between reality and fantasy. Those looking to remarry will get opportunity to marry an old acquittance or friend. Children might cause problems in family life. Married couples facing problems will take professional help. Sudden problems in marriage for some due to an unwanted relationship.

You will find relief from a health issue. But you will be forced to change your lifestyle and give up foods that you love. A bad habit of yours will cause permanent damage. A person in the family undergoing treatment will expire. 

Travels will be fruitful. You will decide to take journeys without informing anyone. You will undertake long walks or cycling.

Students will become lazy and depict lack of interest and this will cause problems. You will be disillusioned after hearing experience of seniors.