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Quotes On Virtue In Hinduism

Dexterity is the ornament of affluence, restraint in speech of valor, self-control of beauty, humility of learning, discerning philanthropy of wealth, freedom from anger of austerity, forgiveness of power, and straightforwardness of righteousness. [But] virtue, the universal means to all of these, is the greatest jewel.

Fire turns cold, the ocean becomes a ditch in a moment, Mount Meru turns into a pebble and the king of beasts into a deer; the serpent is transformed into a garland and poison into an ambrosial shower—for one on whose person virtue, the supreme desirable, makes its appearance.

A suspicious mind sees evil everywhere, a trusting mind sees only good. A quarrelsome person constantly finds something to quarrel about; a peaceful person finds no one to quarrel with. I find so many people here with fixed notions. They have one set idea that colors everything. Some people always want to argue. They often have little brain, cannot see a point, still they must argue. Then there are over-sensitive persons. They are always on the defensive. All these are causes for evil. But the evil is not in the world, it is in the persons. It is all a matter of misunderstanding. If we understood each other better there would be less evil. (Swami Turiyananda)