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Makar Rashi 2024 Predictions – Makara Rasi 2024 Rashifal Moon Sign Predictions

As per Makar Rashi 2024 predictions, people born in the first quarter of Makara Rasi will do soul searching and adopt an attitude to face both happiness and sadness in an equal manner. Due to unexpected expenditure, you will be forced to take loans. Good months are April, July, October and December 2024.  March, June, August and November 2024 are bad months. January, February, May and September 2024 will be stagnant period with not much gain. As per Makara Rashifal 2024, people born in the second quarter of this rashi will be able to complete important tasks with ease. You will be forced to give a portion of your property to government.  Makar Rashi third quarter born people will have to face bad behavior of younger members in the family. You will be disillusioned as opportunities will be getting lesser and lesser. Makar Rashi fourth quarter born people will get promotion but along with it there will be transfer to a tough location. Those indulging in contract jobs will see huge gains.

You will decide to quit a partnership business. You will become a victim of office politics. You will face enquiries. Those looking for new job will be able to get one. Carelessness and talking too much will damage good job opportunities. You will fall into a trap set by enemies at workplace. During the latter part of year, you will gather strength and complete task on time. You will get tough assignments. New projects will be approved. Those who have been working with single minded focus will be rewarded this year. Good year for freelancers and those who are self employed. New governments jobs for those who have been trying for several years. Migration related matters will have to be dropped due to change of government policy regarding education qualifications.

Financially it is not a great year as there will some unexpected expenditure. Chances of you being cheated financially are very high. You should avoid secret investments and do all investments only after consulting experienced people. Bad behavior of a member of family will result in huge financial loss. Loans will be approved but you will face pressure due to earlier loans. You will decide to sell ancestral property to a sibling or family member. Gains from stocks and other similar investments will be lost due to greediness. Those who had promised to help you financially will break promise at the last moment. Luck in lottery or games will give you great relief. Gambling and other bad activities will result in loss and bad reputation.

A health issue that you had ignored will get serious this year and will require hospitalization. Bad health of younger member in the family will give you mental agony. You will incorporate exercise and yoga after hearing about health concerns of others.

Travels will be hectic but you will get desired results. Fights with strangers during journey will turn ugly. You will undertake pilgrimage with family members for the welfare of the family.

A secret of yours will be exposed and you will have to do lot of explanations. Your love interest will not be reciprocated. Romance matters will hit roadblock when it reaches marriage stage. An action of yours will bring bad reputation and scandal. A person whom you respected or was a fan of will die suddenly. You will hear bad news about a relative in a distant place.

Students will have to work hard to achieve success. You will be unhappy with new admission and results. Some of you will drop a course halfway and take up self-employment.

Marriage will be held for those who had been searching for a long time. Remarriage will happen this year. Those facing problems in married life will decide to end it. You will ignore advice of those people who have no real knowledge about your family problems. Sudden problems in marriage due to attitude change of spouse will be a shock.