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Is It Possible To Realize God In This Life?

Question – Is it possible to realize God in this life?.

Sri Ramakrishna: You get what you desire. Faith alone is the key to success. The more you advance in one direction, the more you leave behind the opposite direction. If you move ten steps towards the east, you move ten steps away from the west.

Question – But one must have tangible proof. Unless we have direct experience of God, how can our weak and doubting minds have faith in His existence?.

Sri Ramakrishna: A typhoid patient in a delirious state clamors to take gallons of water and heaps of rice. But the physician pays no heed to these entreaties, nor does he prescribe medicine at the patient’s dictation. He knows what he is doing.

Does God exist? How can one see God?.

Sri Ramakrishna - God really exists. You do not see any stars during the day, but that does not mean that the stars do not exist. There is butter in milk, but can anyone know it merely by sight? In order to get the butter you must churn the milk in a cool place before sunrise. If you want to catch fish in a pond, you have to learn the art of fishing from those who know it, and then you must sit patiently with a fishing rod, throwing the line into the water. Gradually the fish will grab your bait. Then, as soon as the float sinks, you can pull the fish to the shore. Similarly, you cannot realize God by a mere wish. Have faith in the instructions of a holy man. Make your mind like a fishing rod and your prana, or life-force, like a hook. Your devotion and japa are like the bait. Eventually you will be blessed by the vision of God.