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Incantation Spells For Malevolent Purpose

References to incantation for a malevolent purpose are found in Atharva Veda, According to Tantrasara, incantation spells for malevolent purpose is of six types. They are killing, enchantment, stupefaction, antagonism, driving away and brining a person under one’s control. Atharva Veda contains many mantras intended to enchant or entice others, to destroy one’s co-wife, kill enemies and the like. Mantras, Yantras, and substitutes are used in incantation spells for malevolent purpose.

Tantric texts also give directions for acting against one’s enemies.

Often, a symbolic representation of an enemy is used for occult rites. It is identified with the enemy by the incantation of mantras. Some mantras used in these rituals are meaningful, while some others such as phat, though not directly meaningful, have symbolic significance.

Even ordinary prayers often contain requests for beauty, wealth, and strength for oneself and death for one’s enemies.

Some yantras (good or bad) engraved on a palm leaf, metal plate and similar materials are used by the practitioners. Sri Chakra is an auspicious yantra. As an antidote to an enemy’s attacks, some mantras inscribed on gold or silver are placed in a locket, etc., and worn by people as an amulet.

Brahmins were not the only people who indulged in practicing incantation spells for malevolent purpose on behalf of others. The practitioners used bija mantras (seed thoughts, i.e. core incantations). Every bija mantra is said to represent a deity. Even in the recitation of Vedic mantras, correct articulation of sound is given as much importance as meaning.