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Dreaming Of Roofless House – Meaning

Dreaming of roofless house is a bad omen as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means you will be exposed, there will scandal or a secret of yours will be revealed. You will be shamed or embarrassed. Dreams of roofless house and the house is yours means fights in the family. It also means people in family going away.

Dreams of roofless house and you see other people and other roofless houses means natural calamity or wind causing problems in your region.

Dream of roofless house and you wake up happy means destructive thoughts. It also means you will make evil plans to recover money from authorities.

Dreaming of roofless house and it does not belong to you means witnessing something untoward in life. It also means you having a lucky escape.

Dreams of roofless house and it is taking place in a strange world means you will start believing in supernatural elements and fantasies.