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Dreaming Of Rolling Dice – Meaning

Dreaming of rolling dice is both good and bad as per dream meaning and interpretation. In dream if you are seen angry or frustrated then it means you will lose money through betting or playing games involving huge sums. It means bad luck. If you are seen happy in the dream means change of fortune and good luck. Dreams of rolling dice and you are seen with friends or family members mean a period of happiness and leisure time. It also means vacation or taking time away from work.

Dreams of rolling dice in an unknown place means you will get addicted to gambling or something similar and this will result in personal, financial and family problems.

Dream of rolling dice and you are seen celebrating means success and progress. It also means you might make new enemies.

Dreaming of rolling dice and it is always the same number that is seen means confusion. You will act without thinking and this will result in damage to property and finance.

Dreaming of rolling dice and there are no numbers or images in it means you will be cheated. You should not gamble or take part in money matters involving risk.

Dreaming of rolling dice and you see fights or violence means you will get trapped in an unwanted place at the wrong time. It also means getting injured or witnessing something gruesome.