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Dreaming Of Rodents – Meaning

Dreaming of rodents is a bad omen as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means trouble due to negligence and carelessness. It means something you had collected over a long time will be stolen or taken away. It also means keeping your house cluttered and dirty will cause lot of problems in near future. Dreams of rodents also means you will face sudden problems related rodents and other similar animals. It also means destruction to important documents or things or food items.

Dream of rodents and it is taking place at an unknown place means you will regret going to a particular place in near future. It also means sudden travel plans and no proper accommodation.

Dreaming of rodents and you see blood or flesh means accidents. It also means sudden infestation of pests in your house. It also means manmade calamities.

Dreams of rodents and you are seen enjoying or encouraging it means failure. It also means suicidal thoughts and destruction. It also means cuteness and innocence will blind you and you will not realize the hidden harm.

Dreaming of rodents in a vehicle or outside means you will face trouble in a public place from animals or strangers.