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Dreaming Of Rocks – Meaning

Dreaming of rocks is a good omen as per dream interpretation and meaning. The dream means you will be firm and will face problems strongly by not giving up your stand. The dream also means stability and self-sufficiency. Dreams of rocks and you are seen worried or tensed means unexpected transfer to a lonely place or getting stuck in place with no civilization.

Dream of rocks and you are not present in the dream means soon you will have to face some difficulties alone. It also means in near future there will be incidents in which you will need show maturity as there will not be help from your family or friends.

Dreaming of rocks and you see yourself in the dream means new opportunity but it will be limited to a particular place or thing or situation. It also means you will get a ladder to climb up and you should use it.

Dreams of rocks and if it is scary involving blood and fights or attacks then it is a sign of getting lost in an unknown place especially in a mountainous place.

Dreaming of rocks and they are moving or talking to you means rejection and failure causing problems to you. It will cloud your thoughts.