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Dreaming Of Lord Vishnu – Meaning

Dreaming of Lord Vishnu means you will get good and positive results in all actions in immediate future as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream is considered good as it is asking you to attempt all the good things you want to do in life. The dream is also asking you to be more spiritual and religious.

Dreaming of Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi together sign of good days ahead especially in matters of relationship. It also means good fortune and good relationship. The dream also means marriage. It is also a sign of good relationship with opposite sex.

Dreaming of Lord Vishnu atop Adi Shesha means you can make some bold changes in your life and this will be good for your future. It also means a period of peace and progress.

Dreaming of Vishnu and other gods and saints means you might meet someone whom you wished to meet in life.

Dreaming of Bhagavan Vishnu with Garuda means your wishes regarding spirituality will be fulfilled. The dream is a sign for you to prepare mentally to face something really exciting. It also means travel and visit to distant places.