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Dreaming Of Long Nails – Meaning

Dreaming of long nails is a warning sign as per dream meaning and interpretation. It means there are hidden problems in your life and they will soon be creating havoc in both personal and professional life. Something important but you had ignored will cause severe damage to you. Dreams of long nails in feet also mean enemies will be very active and will attempt to physically hurt you. It also means you will face rejection or failure and this will resulting in you shutting out from the world and not taking care of yourselves.

Dream of long nails and you are seen happy means participating in something exciting. It also means attending a theme party or doing something scary. It means fun and frolic.

Dreaming of long nails and they are breaking or getting cut means you need to be careful while handling sharp objects. It also means not to ignore important safety aspects in your house or building. The dream is also asking to be cleaner and be alert regarding safety aspects.

Dreaming of long nails and you see yourself in the dream means you will be getting into tough situations soon. You might be forced to express your real feeling which you have been hiding. It also means witnessing something gruesome. It also means witnessing something weird but you do not know how to convey it to others.

Dreams of long nails are also a warning sign that your carelessness and absent mindedness will result in physical injury in near future.

Dream of long nails and you see lot of colors and light means sexual energy and kinky feelings. It also means attempting to fulfil a kinky fantasy.