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Dreaming Of Long Eyelashes – Meaning

Dreaming of long eyelashes is a warning sign and bad omen as per dream meaning and explanation. The dream means you will soon get into some kind of weird trouble. It also means facing moral policing or going wrongly dressed to an occasion. It also means being a rebel or attending a theme party. Dreams of long eyelashes and all of it falling down is a sign of health issues especially related to sense organs. It also means a costume malfunctioning at the wrong time.

Dream of long eyelashes and you see yourself in the dream means lack of focus resulting in failure. It also means ignoring small but important aspects resulting in problems. It also means you will be asked to go to a distant place – a place you always wanted to go.

Dreaming of long eyelashes and you see other people or living beings means partying. It also means you witnessing weird and unexplainable phenomenon.

Dreams of long eyelashes and you wake up terrified or sad is a sign of unexpected health issues. It also means you will make a wrong choice and you will regret it later. It also means a beauty product or beauty related surgery causing damage.