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Dreaming Of Lobola – Meaning – Lobola Ceremony Dream

Dreaming of Lobola is a good omen as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means you will get to hear positive news especially regarding marriage. It also means fixing or wish fulfilment related to marriage or relationship. Dreams of lobola ceremony and you wake up happy means you will realize the futility of something you had signed in for and will back out. It also means fixing of marriage and fixing date of ceremony.

Dream of lobola and you see family members means get together or function. It also means marriage or party or meeting in the family.

Dreaming of lobola ceremony and you wake up scared or angry or crying means you will be forced to do something you do not like. It also means other people deciding on your behalf. Your freedom will but soon curtailed.

Dreaming of lobola and you see cattle in the dream means an important meeting will take place soon. This might change a lot of things.

Dream of lobola in a weird place means you will be kidnapped or something bad will happen. It is warning sign and is asking you to avoid all kinds of unwanted activities.