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Angamejayatva – The Shaking Of Limbs In Yoga

As per yoga sutra of Patanjali, there are nine obstacles or antarayas (Yoga-sutras 1.30) in the path of self realization. He has added another five (Yoga-sutras 1.31) known as vikshepasahabhuvaha (co-existing with mental distractions). Angamejayatva or shaking of limbs is third in the list of vikshepasahabhuvaha.

When sorrow, disappointment and despair are not sublimated by discrimination and will-power, they cause tremendous restlessness in the mind and these results in the shaking hands legs. Restless mind affects the nervous system, getting reflected in physical restlessness. The person is thus unable to sit steadily on the seat and frequently changes his position.

Solution to Angamejayatva is the chanting of ‘om’ (pranava mantra) and self surrender to the ishta devata.