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Realizing We Are A State Of Bliss

Self realization in Hinduism is that we are in a state of bliss. It is ignorance that is keeping us away from joy. The reason for we not realizing the state of bliss are desire, anger, greed, attachment, ego, passion, jealousy, hatred, fear and self concern. We need to shed these one by one to realize that we are bliss. These 10 layers of ignorance are keeping the real you hidden.

True bliss is when you realize that you are beyond the duality of, mortal and immortality, pain and grief, good and bad and moral and immoral.

Removing these layers of ignorance requires patience and it is a slow process. We are thickly covered with these layers due to the identification with the body.

Awakening has to happen slowly and each layer of ignorance should be cast away. There is nothing new to add in the path of self realization. We just need to throw away the baggage of ignorance.