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Quotes On Human Goodness From Hinduism

A small collection of quotes on human goodness from Hinduism

Hands famed for charity, the head crowned with love for the guru’s feet, the mouth adorned with truthful speech, arms bearing invincible strength, and the heart set on single-minded pursuit of scriptural wisdom. These are the ornaments of the noble ones even when they are bereft of all other wealth.

Those who are kind to the poor, whom pride of wealth does not touch, who are eager to help others, are pleased when sought for help, and who remain unaffected when the dreadful disease of youthful arrogance is upon them – by such beings, steady as rocks, is this earth, oppressed by Kali (Yuga), held together.

Just as sandalwood, though rubbed time after time, remains fragrant; just as sugarcane, though chopped into pieces, remains sweet; just as gold, despite being heated again and again, retains its dazzle – even so does the nature of the great remain unchanged, even in the face of death.

Those whose spiritual consciousness has been awakened never make a false step. They are so full of love of God that whatever action they undertake is a good action.

All mankind stands in reverence before the man who is ready to sacrifice himself for others.