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Pushya Nakshatra 2024 Predictions

Pushya Nakshatra 2024 predictions are based on Hindu astrology – Karka Rashi. Pushya Nakshatra pada 1 born Karka Rashi people will achieve success if they can show patience, self control and avoid anger. You will get what is truly yours. Pushya Nakshatra pada 2 Karka Rashi born people will realize that they were wrongly accusing someone. You will head a department or get independence to function. Pushya Nakshatra pada 3 born Karka Rasi born will try their luck in farming and will find it encouraging. You will take into account profit loss and abandon some projects. Pushya nakshatra pada 4 Karka Rashi born people will rethink about current medicines and adopt Ayurveda or similar natural methods. You might face delay in some already planned things. Good months are January, March, May and October 2024. February, July, September and December 2024 are bad months. April, June, August and November 2024 will be stagnant period with not much gain.

There will be delay in promotion and transfer or increment. You might face departmental enquiry. Illegal activities will be exposed. You will complete projects before deadline. Some of you will be transferred to a department with heavy work load. Unwanted fear and tension will result in committing blunders. Those looking for new job might face rejection and bad experience. You will earn respect and good will by helping others even when your situation is bad. Business people will be forced to accept new rules and regulations. Those working in the field of research will have a good year. You will get help from colleagues in completing a tough assignment.

You will financially help others. Chance of theft. You will be financially cheated especially by someone you know. Financial damage due to vehicle. Money will be spending on various activities of children. Initial process for migration will be started. Due to lack of trust, you will end a partnership business. You will get back documents that you thought was lost forever. Loans will be delayed. You will face unusual delay and problems regarding new house. Last minute you will decide against buying a vehicle.

Students will get admission in a desired subject. You will perform well in exams.

You will be more flexible and forgiving in relationships. You will show keen interest in spirituality and religious matters. You will make friendship with people who are in power or rich or famous. Children will make you proud. You will give up a bad habit and this will bring peace in your life. Romance related matters will face numerous problems including misunderstanding.

Accidents during picnic especially while driving vehicle. You might face food poisoning. Chance of hospitalization due to contagious disease. This year you will need to be extra careful in health matters.

Problems with spouse will be sorted out especially by owning up your mistakes. Those looking to get married will have it decided this year. Not a good year for those looking to remarry. Legal problems related to marriage will be settled outside the court.

Lot of travels as part of work. You will face weird situations during journey. You might not be able to participate in an important family function.