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Ongole Velkavadi Mahotsavam In Andhra Pradesh

Ongole Velkavadi Mahotsavam is observed on the Karthika Nakshatra day in Aadi Masam and is of great important at the Subrahmanya temple in Ongole in Andhra Pradesh. Ongole Velkavadi Mahotsavam 2023 date is August 9. The main ritual on the day is the carrying of kavadis of various sizes and shapes in a grand procession to Skanda Giri, the abode of Kumaraswamy (Murugan or Subrahmanya or Skanda) in Ongole. Devotees carry the Kavadi after strictly observing a 41 day Vratham known as Mandala Deeksha.

Devotees pierce their tongue, cheek and other parts of the body with skewers and carry ‘Velkavadi’ with reverence from the ‘Patha Sivalayam‘ in Keshavaswamypet to the temple.

Chants hailing Skanda reverberates in the air as the devotees pull flower-bedecked massive chariot of Murugan with his consorts Valli and Devasena. Devotees dance to the beats of drums and there is complete festive occasion on the day.

The festival marks the birth of Murugan and the Krithigai sister raising the son of Shiva in Shravana Poigai.

Free food is provided to all the devotees who participate and come to witness the festival.

The entire temple vicinity and the temple is lit with light at night and is referred to as Karthigai deepam.