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Magha Nakshatra 2024 predictions

Magha Nakshatra 2024 predictions are based on Hindu astrology – Simha Rashi. Magha Nakshatra pada 1 born Simha Rashi people will solve an important property related issue this year. Friends or relatives will become enemies. Magha Nakshatra pada 2 Simha Rashi born people might see the death of an important family member. Sports person will achieve success. Magha Nakshatra pada 3 born Simha Rashi will be forced to curtail the financial freedom of children. New jobs with the help of influential contacts. Magha nakshatra pada 4 Simha Rashi born people will be unhappy with people not trusting you. Ideas of spouse will prove to be helpful. Good months are January, April, July and December 2024. February, June, October and November 2024 are bad months. March, May, August and September 2024 will be stagnant period with not much gain.

You will face sudden career reversals due to change of management and policy. Business people will decide to stay away from new opportunities out of fear. Avoid unwanted comments and giving opinion. Some of you will resign job in a foreign country and return home only to go back realizing the bad conditions at home. Avoid trusting other people with your job. There will be lack of trust among colleagues. Sudden gains in career with the help of an old friend. Business people will decide to go independent and avoid partnership.

You will buy ancestral property by paying money. Both income and spending will increase. You will make income from a hobby or talent. Loans will be delayed. You will realize that an important financial paper missing very late. Damage due to vehicle. You will decide to buy a better vehicle by giving up on old one. Bad luck will continue in life and you will face reversal in stocks and other investments. Not a good year for those wishing to win lottery or games. Difference of opinion among siblings regarding ancestral wealth.

You will participate in intense debate. You will have to face some tense movements. Romance related matters will flourish but marriage will not be decided. You will solve an old puzzling question with the help of a professional. A secret of yours will be exposed. An important decision regarding a hobby will be taken this year. Migration related matters will be stalled due to an old pending legal issue or police case.

You might face health issues especially contagious one. There will be hospitalization and serious health issues. A bad habit will take toll on your health. Bad health of spouse will give you a scare.

Students will become lazy and this will reflect in the results. Some of you will get opportunity to study in a desired subject.

Those wishing to have children will be blessed.

Marriage plans will be delayed. Those looking to remarry will face serious obstacles. Those couples facing issues in married life will seek professional help. Some couples will decide to stay separate.

Travels will be completed successfully. Vacations plans will be cancelled at the last moment. You will meet important personalities during travel.