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Hasta Nakshatra 2024 predictions

Hasta Nakshatra 2024 predictions are based on Hindu astrology – Kanya Rashi. Hasta Nakshatra pada 1 born Kanya Rashi people should be very careful in the way they use words. Avoid harshness and pride. You will be forced to curtail expenses. Hasta Nakshatra pada 2 Kanya Rashi born people will face poison related problems this year. You will regain a property you thought was lost. Hasta Nakshatra pada 3 Kanya Rashi born will show a lenient approach to maintain peace with relatives. Chance of accidents especially due to uncontrollable fun and frolic. Hasta nakshatra pada 4 Kanya Rashi born will face health issues especially to a female member in the family. You will decide to stay away from investments and business that is not done in proper way. Good months are March, August, September and December 2024. January, February, July and November 2024 are bad months. April, May, June and October 2024 will be stagnant period with not much gain.

Those looking for new job will be lucky this year but you will be forced to climb down or make compromises. Not a great year to make career changes. Positive response in government related jobs. Sudden job loss for some especially due to introduction of new technology. Some of you will make huge gains through contract jobs. Business people will have a tough year especially due to sibling rivalry and competition. Some of you will decide to entrust business with next generation. There will be distrust and fight among colleagues. Delay in transfer, promotion and increment will result in some tense situation. You will not be happy with your performance review.

There will be some tough financial situations this year especially due to sudden expense and fines. Limited luck in lottery and games. Some serious losses in stocks and other similar investments. Loans will be approved quickly. Opportunity to move into a new house. There will be difference of opinion with children regarding spending. Money lent will not be returned as per promised. You will catch a person who was stealing official money. Chance of theft or loss of valuables. Disputes regarding property or ancestral wealth will take an ugly turn.

Romance related matters will reach family and there will be positive response. Sudden death of a family member will come as a serious shock. Pilgrimage will be undertaken. Some of you will be disillusioned with the world and will turn spiritual. Spouse might find a secret of yours.

Travels will be successful. Those looking to migrate will get to hear positive news. Some of you will be disillusioned after visiting a place with much anticipation. Those working abroad might face racial abuse and will decide to return to own country.

Health problems to eyes or ears will give you some trouble. An old health issue will be cured by adopting traditional treatment. You will show interest in Yoga.

Marriage talks will be inconclusive. You might be unhappy with the approach of parents towards your marriage. Those looking to remarry will face sudden problems. Some of you will make bold and independent decision in marriage matter and might go against the wish of family. Married couples already facing problems in marriage will decide to stay apart and take legal help.

Students will be unhappy with the institution offered for higher studies. Those who had work hard the previous year will yield good results this year. Those students involved in sports and arts will perform well.