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Dreaming Of Sky Falling Down – Meaning

Dreaming of sky falling down is a warning sign as per dream interpretation and meaning. The dream means accidents and doing a risky job in near future. It also means getting involved in something that is life threatening. Dreams of sky falling down means you will be under immense pressure and stress. There will be lack of sleep and hallucinations. You will also try to live in a fantasy world avoiding reality.

The dream also means you will get one last opportunity to correct yourself or save yourself from a situation before everything comes down.

Dream of sky falling down and you see nature means a trek or adventure sport causing unexpected problems. The dream is a warning sign and is asking you to be with a group and follow rules and take all precautions.

Dreams of sky falling down and there are no one around means getting into trouble trying to do something out of the way. It also means doing something alone unsuccessfully.

Dreaming of sky falling down and you are seen laughing or happy means you will have destructive thoughts.