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Dreaming Of River Flowing – Meaning

Dreaming of river flowing is a good omen as per dream interpretation and meaning. Dream of river flowing means there will be progress. Seeing river flowing in dream means there will be opportunity in near future to get your wishes fulfilled. It also means you will come out of stagnation and accept challenges and changes. Dreams of river flowing and you are seen standing on the banks means you will go into deep thought. It also means travel and spiritual thoughts.

Dream of river flowing is also asking you to make important changes that you have kept in pending out of fear.

Dreaming of river flowing and you playing it means there will be picnic, get together and happy events in near future.

Dreaming of river flowing with leaves or flowers means new relationship.

Dream of river flowing and it is dirty means stagnation and lack of progress. You need to take risk and work hard for achieving success. It also means natural calamities or manmade problems.