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Dreaming Of Rituals – Meaning

Dreaming of rituals is both good and bad omen as per dream interpretation and meaning. The dream of rituals and you are unhappy means you have lost confidence in your abilities. But if you dream of rituals and you are happy means happy occasions in life including marriage or success.

Dreaming of rituals and you are fearful means you will be wishing to escape from a current situation. It also might suggest that instead of facing the problem you might be running away from them. And this might not be the right option.

Dreaming of performing rituals in a eerie darks place at night is associated with failure and evil thoughts. It also means you will be jealous. You intelligence will be clouded and other people will take advantage of your vulnerable situation.

Dream of rituals also with family is associated with progress, change of luck and achievements due to hard work.

Dream of your home and performing rituals means you will see change of luck.

Please note that a dream to have a meaning it should happen naturally. Not after talking or thinking intensely about rituals or watching something related to rituals during day time or just before going to sleep.