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Dreaming Of Rising Water - Meaning

Dreaming of rising water is a warning sign as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means there will be conflict and a period of turbulence. You can also expect a journey through water in near future. The dream is also a warning about upcoming storms, heavy rains or earthquake. Dreams of rising water also mean you will travel during heavy rain and there will be some incident associated with water.

Symbolically the dream means neglecting small things will soon result in huge problem. It also means not settling debt and other things will cause problems. It also means witnessing something terrible and you are unable to do anything about.

Dream of rising water and you are trapped means and you will have to toil hard to find results. It also means intense physical work. It also means enemies being active. Getting trapped in a tough situation.

Dreaming rising water and you are seen struggling or trying to escape means an old crime or action of yours will trouble you in near future.

Dreams of rising water and you are seen moving along with it happily mean gains in property and wealth. It also means making investments in near future will bring good gains. It also means success after taking huge risk.

Dream of rising water and you wake up scared or terrified is associated with sudden turbulence in life. Property or house hit by flood or other water related problems.