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Dreaming Of Right Foot – Meaning

Dreaming of right foot is both positive and negative sign as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means you will stun people with your right foot. It also means doing something that will earn respect of people. Dreams of right foot and you are unable to move it means unable to detect what went wrong in something you will do in near future. It also means sudden paralysis or accident to right foot.

Dream of right foot and it is not of yours means you will be facing problems from an unexpected source. The dream also means attacking someone thinking they are weak but in reality, it will be a huge mistake.

Dreaming of right foot with blood or broken etc. means accident. It is a warning especially while using your right foot.

Dreams of right foot and it is getting bitten or mauled means attack by animals. It also means overconfidence or neglecting good advice.

Dream of right foot and you see it colorful means partying. It also means doing silly things for fun.