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Dreaming Of Rifle – Meaning – Dream Of Rifles

Dreaming of rifle is a bad omen as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means sudden and unexpected problems in life. It also means accidents and physical attack. Dreams of rifles should be seen as a warning sign. You will get to hear bad news soon. It also means something approaching you fast and you are unable to stop it.

Dream of rifle and you are in the dream means you will witness something terrible. It also means you will have to run away from a place to save yourself.

Dreaming of rifle and you see other people in it means some problem in a public place and it might suddenly turn violent.

Dreams of rifle and you know the place in which the dream is taking place means something untoward will happen soon and you might be a victim or witness.

Dreaming of rifle and it is an unknown place means problems during travel. It also means you might be kidnapped or forcibly taken away.

Dream of rifle and you are seen happy or enjoying it means handling something which you have no clue about. It also means getting carried away by a situation and then regretting it later.