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Dreaming Of Lotus Flower – Meaning – Lotus In Dream

Dreaming of lotus flower is a good omen as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means romance and love. It also means making changes to your behavior and appearing more religious and spiritual. The dream also means you will be more playful and will be in the company of people you love and respect. Dreams of lotus also means you will be lucky in wealth related matters. It also means you will attempt to do things with an intention of making money.

Dream of lotus flower and you see temples or religious places means pilgrimage or making offerings in sacred places.

Dream of lotus and you are crying means people will try to take advantage of your innocence. It also means your good side will be exploited.

Dreaming of lotus flowers and you are receiving it or picking it up means you will be optimistic. It also means success. You will be able to prove that other people were wrong about your ideas.

Dreams of lotus and they are turning bad in the dream means you will set unrealistic demands or goals. It also means an immature behavior of yours will destroy a relationship.