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Dreaming Of Living Person Dead – Meaning

Dreaming of living person dead is a bad omen and warning sign as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means the person in dream will face sudden problems in life including accident or serious health issues and it will also affect you. Dreams of living person dead means the person will face a series of emotional and financial troubles and some might result in a heart attack. It also means problem to a family member affecting you badly.

Dreaming living person and dead and the person is seen lying on floor is a warning sign. It is mostly associated with loneliness and sign of mental illness in future. The dream is a kind of warning to come out of the well of thoughts and to mingle with people and develop positivity. The dream is asking you to be more friendly and concerned.

Dreaming of living person dead in accident means some kind of challenges in life – like change of place or the way you earn a living. It is also suggesting death of very important person in your life pretty soon.

Dreaming of living person dead and family members crying means you need to work on your wishes and to get them fulfilled. It is a kind of indication that it is time to give importance to family members.

Dreaming of living person dead by water or fire should be taken as a warning – especially accidents or enemies creating problems in life.

Dreaming of living person dead through natural calamities means you will face damage due to rain or wind or other weather-related reasons.

Dreaming of living person dead in a hospital or unknown place means you will face trouble during journey.