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Dreaming Of Living In A Mansion – Meaning

Dreaming of living in a mansion can be both good and bad as per dream interpretation and meaning. If you are happy then the dream is associated with treasure, unexpected wealth or change of fortune. If you are unhappy or crying then the dream suggests bad luck and loss of wealth – what you get will be lost soon through lavish spending. Dreams living in a mansion also mean buying something which is costly and regretting later or not knowing how to settle the credit bills.

Dreaming of living in a mansion in a known place is a sign of desire fulfillment. It also means you will get back money or wealth that was lost. It also means decision regarding ancestral wealth.

Dream of living in a mansion in an unknown place means you will find wealth not belonging to you. It also means luck in lottery and games.

Dreaming of living in a mansion with unknown people witnessing it means you will win huge amount of money in betting or through gambling. It also means you will make enemies. It is a warning sign to avoid unwanted display of wealth.

Dream of living in a mansion and you are stressed or scared means theft. It also means regretting a decision to buy something.

Please note that such dreams are usually the product of intense activity related to the subject during daytime. Some people constantly think about living in mansion during daytime. Such dreams have no meaning as it is just a continuation of daytime activity. A dream to have meaning it should happen naturally without any kind of daytime influence.