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Dreaming Of Lists – Meaning – Dreams Of List

Dreaming of list is a positive sign as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means desire fulfillment especially related to materialistic things. It also means you will find enough money to splurge on things. The dream is also a sign about change of luck or a new job. Dreams of lists and you are seen confused means you will be buying things in credit and this might give you troubles in future. It also means spoilt with choice.

Dream of list and you are seen in a totally different world with colors and lights means you will decide to explore places that are famous for shopping and other similar things. It also means travel to places famous for artifacts and rare things.

Dreaming of list and you are seen confused or terrified means you will not know what to do when faced with reality. It is a sign that you will get confused by too many products. There will be no proper guiding factor or someone to help you in making a decision.

Dreams of list and you are seen angry or agitated means you will be duped. It also means you will buy something that might turn out to be faulty or worthless. It also means family members wanting to buy unwanted things.

Dream of list and you wake up terrified or crying means old incident will return to haunt you.