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Dreaming Of Lips – Meaning

Dreaming of lips is a good omen as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means romance, sensuousness and fulfillment of sexual desires. It is also a sign that you are moving toward something that might change your life. Dreams of lips and it is of yours means unfulfilled desires. It also means you will thirst for something and you will not get it.

Dream of lips and they are of the opposite sex means sexual attractions. It also means living in a world of fantasy. It also means lack of courage to tell something to a person.

Dreaming of lips and they are black in color means kinky feelings. It also means participating in something that society might consider as odd.

Dreams of lips and they are white in color means sickness and it is also associated with death and sad news.

Dream of lips and they are deep red in color means love and success in romance.

Dreams of purple lips is associated with acceptance and honor.