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Dreaming Of Lip Gloss – Meaning

Dreaming of lip gloss on is a good omen as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream is a sign of hope and joy. It also means new acquaintances and new friendships. Dreams of lip gloss means new relationship or you will try to impress someone. It also means success.

Dream of you applying lip gloss on others means that you will be of great help to others. It also means partying and functions.

Dreaming of you putting lip gloss on yourself is associated with travel and happiness.

Dream of lip gloss on others means jealousy and frustration.

If you see dream of orange or green or purple color lip gloss means you will see positive results in job, career, profession, exams and interviews.

Seeing dream of red color lip gloss is a sign of love and romance in life. It also indicates marriage.

Dreaming of black or white color lip gloss means you will go spiritual or religious.

Dream of lip gloss breaking or spreading over face is a sign of regret and lost opportunity. You need to make use of the opportunity that comes your way in near future.