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Dreaming Of Drinking Liquid – Meaning

Dreaming of drinking liquid can be both good and bad sign and it depends on the situation as per dream interpretation and meaning. If you are happy and joyful in the dream then you will achieve success and fame. But if you are unhappy and crying then it means failure and problems in relationship. Dreams of drinking liquid and it is changing color means you will be cheated. You should be careful while drinking in parties especially when offered by others.

Dream of drinking liquid alone and you are happy means you will be able to achieve success in something that you had been secretly doing. It also means defeat of enemies. You will not get caught after doing something illegal. It also means trying out a drink without anyone knowing.

Dreaming of drinking liquid with strangers means you will stay away from home or family members. It also means disputes and lack of trust.

Dream of drinking liquid with friends and people you know means happy occasion in life. There will be progress and new things in life.

Dream of drinking liquid and you are throwing it up means problems in family life.