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Dreaming About A Lawsuit – Meaning

Dreaming about a lawsuit is both good and bad omen as per dream meaning and interpretation. You can expect troubles from authorities in near future. It is also a sign that something is not going well in your relationship with partners or society or neighbors. Dreams about a lawsuit also mean delayed settlement and no relief to a problem especially if you are seen unenthusiastic in the dream.

Dream about a lawsuit and you are happy means you will get relief in a problem. Government and legal matters will be settled in your favor. It also means early decision regarding ancestral wealth or solution to a property issue.

Dreaming about a lawsuit and you are terrified or unhappy means you will get into trouble with police or other government authorities. It also means an opposite party rejecting a peaceful solution.

Dream about a lawsuit and there are other people in the dream means a person whom you trusted might cheat you. It also means problems in your area or housing society.