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Be Doubly Careful When You Are Under The Sway Of Emotions

Mrs W drove into town to consult her attorney about a divorce. When she left his office she was crying and extremely upset. On her way home she had to cross a railroad track. She had driven that way hundreds of times. She knew the train schedule; the tracks were in clear view. The driver gave his warning whistle, yet Mrs W drove directly in front of the express. At the last minute she made a frenzied attempt to escape, but the locomotive killed her instantly.

P K was told by his doctor on Monday that he had cancer. On Tuesday he had an accident. On Thursday he had two more. He had never had an accident before. He was so frightened as a result of the diagnosis that he was unfit to drive.

Powerful emotion destroys your usual caution. A grief-stricken person drives dangerously because her sight and hearing are dulled.

A frightened man doesn’t realize he is taking chances.

An angry woman takes chances because at the moment she doesn’t care.

An overly joyous man feels impervious to danger.

So, when under the sway of emotions, be doubly careful.

Source - Adapted from James E Payne