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Bavri Panth – About – Important Teachings of Bavari Sect

Bavri panth is a religious sect in the Nirguna (God as formless) tradition. Pure and selfless love for God is the goal of the Bavri sect. Though the first ever pioneer of Bavari sect was Ramanand, a resident of Patna in the district Ghazipur, it came to be known after a woman who was his fourth-generation disciple in Delhi, who made it popular owing to her outstanding spiritual stature.

It is said that intoxicated with divine love, Bavari lived in a state of constant self-forgetfulness and sometimes behaved like a Bavari, which is the heightened state of mental ecstasy, markedly different from others. It was for this reason that she began to be called Bavri Sahiba. It is believed that she was a contemporary of emperor Akbar.

The Bavri Panth is essentially a synthesis of the Nirguna sect and Sufism. It emphasizes that it is the same Supreme Being whose light shines in every individual and it is with the grace of a Guru (preceptor) that one can realize the light within.

As per Bavri Sect, saints should ceaselessly endeavor to merge their disposition with the same celestial light and become one with it. Purity of conduct, unity of word, thought and deed, love of mankind, and absolute resignation to the Supreme Being are the sum and substance of sainthood.