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Why Rama Killed Monkey King Vali?

Sugriva, younger brother, of King Vali takes refuge at the feet of Sri Rama. Bhagavan Rama never lets down those who seek His protection; He kills Vali to save Sugriva. But, why Rama killed monkey king Vali when Rama had no enmity with Vali. Actually, Vali was not killed by Rama, rather Bhagavan was giving him moksha.

“When I am not your enemy, why do you have to kill me,” asks the mortally wounded Vali. Rama explains to Vali why he decided to kill him.

Every man has three men he can look up to as fatherly figures — his own father, his elder brother and he who imparts education to him. Vali, thus, should have been like a father to his younger brother Sugriva. But instead Vali had misbehaved with Sugriva’s wife Ruma. For this alone he should be punished, for so heinous is his crime.

Rama considers Sugriva as a brother. So it is his duty to protect his brother. Vali would have killed Sugriva so Rama had no option but to kill Vali to protect who had taken refuge in him.

Rama has obeyed the laws laid down for the punishment of wrongdoers. It is said that when a king punishes a wrongdoer, the latter is absolved of his sins and enters heaven, along with the virtuous. If a king does not punish a wrongdoer, then the sins of the man who has erred pass on to the king.

When Vali has been slain by Rama Himself, moksha is guaranteed to him. The killing of Vali should be seen as the liberation of Vali.