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What Does A TV Represent In Dream? – What Does It Mean To Dream Of TV?

Dreaming of TV is both good and bad omen as per dream meaning and interpretation. Dream of TV usually represent a period of free time. It also means doing nothing in near future. Dreams of TV and you are seen not moving means accident resulting in bedrest. It is a warning sign about upcoming injuries.

Dream of TV and you are seen worried means you will witness a tragedy in which there is a probability of family or relatives or friends or colleagues being involved.

Dreams of TV and you are seen happy and celebrating means victory of someone or some group you support. It also means you will get to hear positive news.

Dreaming of TV and it is in an unknown location means getting stuck in a new place. It also means sudden transfer or relocation to a place with the only source of entertainment being TV.

Dream of TV and you see strange colors and strange beings means loneliness. It also means emotional issues troubling you.